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What Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World was to For Now, Get Naked Chapters


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55 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Yes,and when you ask someone else to help you,you spend energy from food that you bought and ate…That costs money too…The only way to do it I guess is somehow to act normally but that someone somehow knows that you want her/him to type a comment here and what to type.(Provided she/he actually wants to do it without asking for anything)


  1. I saved 2000 USD in 3 months by eating the free food diet… I wonder how much I’ll save with these free comments!


      1. Yeah… Many says that I should post it on reddit but I’m having doubts if they’re gonna give me more work… anyways I am allowing a nice soul or kindred (the heck does that mean) to do it xD
        PS. I don’t know how to do it


    1. An Editor is someone who reviews the work someone has done in order to verify that if is both legible and grammatically sound so those that read ghe work after can have a better comprehension of the work.

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      1. Thanks for the information… was too lazy to google it so thanks really. But still no one want to so I am gonna use my connections. ใชใ‚“ใฆ. I asked another group for a TEMPORARY and they were ok about it. So anyone wanna help?


    2. I wouldn’t mind helping out as an editor as long as I can do it with basic text editing software (MS word/Notepad++/Google drive or whatever). I don’t have a lot to do at the moment so I have plenty of time to proofread/ edit the text to make it more readable. I do live in the GMT +1 timezone though in case that’s a problem.


    3. hey, if ur still looking for an editor… i could *probably* do it, also what’s the sched. of releasing new chaps? i just read this on the manga and now i can’t get enough… i’m visiting this site once every saturday.


      1. Hmmm… If you’re want to do tensei slime them I won’t guarantee that I will be doing that… I will be doing that but it’s once in a while, … Please add me in skype for further details ๐Ÿ‘
        Skype: Henouji David
        Thanks btw
        P.s. I think there was someone before you offering himself or herself… I didn’t really noticed because I was sick you see.


    1. I’m pretty sure that’s a different series. It goes on about evolving into a “flame slime” and has no mention of the goblin village or the journey to the dwarven kingdom which is supposed to start in chapter 13. There’s also no mention of the dragon or the wolves in the summary. So it’s probably a different version of the story.


    2. tensei slime monogatari is about an old salary man dying from saving a girl from falling while the last thing he saw was her underwear before he recarnated.

      Tensei slime is about a dude saving his friend and fiance from a man running with a knife and got stab.

      They died differently hence diff story.


      1. huh? I hope you feel better. I plan to translate as much as time allows me to. I never thought you’re gonna drop this.
        just wanna help since im reading ahead might as well. :/


      2. … Ehehehe… I already did that an hour ago… Thank you very very very very much for the help and sorry for not accepting or using it…
        Thanks again layzisheep.
        Ps. The help was moral support


  2. Thanks You for your hard work, I would like to help you with the work load if theres anything I can do just tell me (btw I don’t understand japanise soooo translation is imposible for me, other than that I can help you with anything XD).


  3. Was looking at the pictures someone posted a link to earlier… Does he get the body/turn into a little girl? Or is that some other character?


  4. I wilโ…ผ immediatelาฏ ษกrasฯ your rss aas I can not in finding yyour email subscription link
    or newsletter service. Do yฮฟu’ve any? Please permit me understand inn orิer thaat I may subscribe.



  5. I saw your hard work! I was really inspired! You look really happy, i’m proud of you.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„


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