New Project and a Side one. + Explanations on my schedule.

Yahallo once more time!!! I’ll skip the greeting and go to the main point, k?

A week of the post will be shitty so, this is another one of  ’em.

Now then, as you have voted for a day, cause I don’t want to do shitty post anymore, I’ll stop the poll today (as if anyone’s voting) .

Therefore, my main project shall be “what Came to Mind During My Third Time in Another World was to for Now, Get Naked”

It’s good  and interesting and will fit perfectly to my crammed schedule, I think.

As for the Side (side= Me + help of readers = chapter), it’ll be “Yomigaeri no Maou”.
Don’t expect too much, because it’s long you know!!!

And a ringer to the other stories like “Spirit Migration” and “Shinka no Mi”, unfortunately “Ore dake Zombie” (it’s a pain to type all) is too… you know? It weakens my body when I read… dunn kno why though.  It is interesting but I’ll leave it to others

And for “Tensei Slime” , I’ll be handing it over to “Mr. Orange”. Be nice to the people working for you! you leeche…. I know that there are others that are mad, I think, against him but he agreed with continuing where I left sooo, BANZAI!!!! And I won’t dropping this we are doing a collab that he will mostly be the one doing the chapters and I will be a baka, translating a chapter when he wants to.(Baka not idiot!!!)
So you may read the rest of the chapter in his blog site.
(people who knows where it is please give the link to others, I’m too lazy today)

I forgot the rest of I was gonna explain… Nah. XD

… Ignore the next lines if you don’t understand… Hahahahaha, lol

Yung mga Pinoy d’yan XD ilagay nyo naman sa comment nyo kung Pinoy kayo… hahaha yun lang

Further explanations for the “side”:

I said don’t be mean but you’ll skin me alive?!?!?! The heck!?

here are the rules for me to hasten release of “Yomigaeri no Maou”

1. Don’t be mean!!!!

2. Don’t expect! Because I am LAZY!!!

3. Help! A lot of help.

4. An editor for the chapter of this because it seems like I’ll need to widen my vocab but I am too lazy so an editor it shall be.

5. Please provide me the next chapter link (Japanese please)

6. Give me time because this is long. A LOT.

7. donate??? is this possible?? meh, maybe not but I’ll search on how to do that, just in case XD
(you can consider this a joke or not)

8. Follow the rules, I think.

That’s all… Am I being too pushy or getting on a high horse (is that expression correct?)

PS. I am still reading Yomigaeri no Maou. And attending classes.

If you want to see my schedule, say so.


60 thoughts on “New Project and a Side one. + Explanations on my schedule.”

  1. “Ore dake Zombie” (it’s a pain to type all) is too… you know? It weakens my body when I read… dunn kno why though. It is interesting but I’ll leave it to others…


    1. I hate wasted effort so I will be continuing where it was left…
      Can somebody help me in looking for its raws so I can start as soon as tomorrow.

      And also I need a banner and if possible a crew … Kidding. Anyways anyone? For the banner? Sorry autumnfour for putting unnecessary things in the reply


  2. Filipino ka pala! Nice (p^ェ^q)
    Try ko po kitang tulongan (sa grammars pero di ko pa kaya yung translating) kung gusto mo… S-sorry Σ(っ゚Д゚;)っ


  3. WOW! Pinoy?! Really? XD
    Mabuhay po sa iyo!

    Di kita matutulong sa translation, so mag cheer na lang ako aka moral support! 😀


      1. Read that, can you recommend something a little dark or similar to slime tensei. I’m running out of good novels to read. And thanks for the suggestion.


    1. Re: monster
      Le festin of vampire
      Log Horizon

      Pd just interested in japanese web-novels, or interested in OLN too (known some interesting)


    1. Thanks!

      And can I have a suggestion list of very very short web novel? I am going to train someone so that there’ll be a little somethin’-somethin’ to read in this blog if I get lazy… THANKS!!!


      1. Sorry onii-sama is already complete with 27 chapters, onii-tan had it as a teaser. I’m borthering you and many others with this serie because it seems quite twistead, and twisted = interesting!


  4. Not much i could do to help side😞 as i dont know japanese, though i could be a supportive reader and eddit/give suggestions on the wording or corret any mistakes or typos 😀 . i guess i can just do that in comments😏


  5. Henouji, due to not knowing what kind of jobs you need help with, can you elaborate them please? Then I can tell whether I can help or not cause I want to read these novels and I can’t read Japanese, only understand English.


  6. Hello! I picked up Yomigaeri, but i didn’t know u and another one are doing it already. So if u are interested we can collaborate between us three.
    Even if you and the other one want to translate i can do editing or proofreading


  7. Just wondering, Do you translate as is using Japanese Comprehension or somehow still using a bit of MTL? And if you’re using Japanese comprehension, could you give a reference or guide in how to read? Thanks and mabuhay ang mga pinoy~ 😀


  8. got linked here master dahil may nakapagsabi na balak mo itranslate yung Yomigaeri no Maou ~ havent seen any chaps but the naked series was a good substiitute xD


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